Nickel Sepharose 6B Fast Flow

ArgPure Nickel sepharose 6B Fast Flow



Histidine-Tagged Protein Purification

Sepharose is a tradename for a crosslinked, beaded-form of  agarose , a polysaccharide polymer material extracted from seaweed. A common application for the material is in chromatographic separations of biomolecule.

Purifying histidine-tagged proteins by immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) is a good choice for purification at a variety of scales. Also Nickel (Ni2+) is the most commonly used metal ion in IMAC purifications.

ArgPure Nickel Sepharose 6B Fast Flow (Nickel Agarose) is a high binding-capacity IMAC chromatography resin for purifying his-tagged proteins. Specifications of manufactured Nickel Sepharose by Noavaran Zist Gostar ARG Company is as follows:

2 1
Affinity chromatography, Hepharin, IMAC Matrices, Molecular biology chromatography, Protein chromatography, Proteomics Related categories
pack of 25 ml Packaging
Ni-S54 Mfr. no
6% cross-linked agarose Matrix
40-180 μm Particle size
~ 90 μm Average diameter
2-14 (Ni2+ -stripped medium.) Cleaning in place
3-12 (Ni2+ -stripped medium.) Working range
29.5 mg Ni loaded on 1 g sepharose Capacity
Suitable for bioprocess medium suitability