Nickel-NTA Sepharose Fast Flow Manufacturing by ARG Biotech Co

Nickel-NTA Sepharose Fast Flow Manufacturing by ARG Biotech Co

Sepharose is a tradename for a crosslinked, beaded-form of  agarose , a polysaccharide polymer material extracted from seaweed. A common application for the material is in chromatographic separations of biomolecules.

Purifying histidine-tagged proteins by immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) is a good choice for purification at a variety of scales. Also Nickel (Ni2+) is the most commonly used metal ion in IMAC purifications.

Nickel-NTA Sepharose Fast Flow Resin (Nickel-NTA Agarose) is a high binding-capacity IMAC chromatography resin for purifying his-tagged proteins. Specifications of manufactured ArgPure Ni-NTA Sepharose Fast Flow Resin (Ni-NTA Agarose) by Noavaran Zist Gostar ARG Company is as follows.


Characteristics of ArgPure Ni-NTA Sepharose Fast Flow


BioProcess resin

Matrix6% cross-linked agarose
LigandNickel-Nitrilotriacetic acid
Average particle size40-175 μm
Average diameter~ 100 μm
pH stability2–14

Chemical stability               

Aqueous buffers: 0.1 M HCl, 0.1 M NaOH, 8 M Urea
Binding Capacity/ml ResinApprox. 50 mg histidine–tagged protein
Pressure/Flow Specification250-400 cm/h, 100 kPa, XK 50/60 column, bed height 25 cm


Certificate of Analysis ArgPure Ni-NTA Sepharose Fast Flow for His-Tagged Proteins

Ni-NTA Sepharose Fast Flowose Fast Flow

Product NoNi.S60
Lot No:A2022TB2
Pack size25 ml
TypeAffinity chromatography, IMAC Matrices, Molecular biology chromatography, Protein chromatography
Storage temperature4 to 20°C
Storage buffer

20% Ethanol

As one of the companies established in East Azarbaijan Science and Technology Park, Noavaran Zist Gostar ARG company (ARG Biotech) is the first and only manufacturer of protein, antibody, enzyme, peptide and DNA purification resins in the Iran and Middle East.

Products manufactured by Arg Biotech Co in different grades are similar to samples supplied by reputable international companies and the high technical knowledge used in their design and manufacture process enhances the speed, accuracy and optimum purification efficiency of various macromolecules by biotechnology researchers.

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